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Milton Franklyn Goedhoop is a bodyconfidence photographer based in Amsterdam. Founder of Project Definition of Curves and hashtag photo- campaigns like “Light over Body Campaign” and “Will not hide my body”.


Milton Goedhoop started from hobby and evolved to a professional photographer within a few years. He specialized himself in shooting plus models and has been named an influential leader pushing for change in the plus-size industry. His style is clean, colorful and elegant and still evolving.


Believing beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. He uses his photography as a creative outlet to showcase plus-size bodies and the incredible things they can do. And to inspire those by capturing the beauty they don’t always see in themselves.

In 2022 & 2023 he has won 3 Bronze with Distinction and 7 Bronze awards at The International Portrait Masters Awards Competition.



In the years coming his goal is to continue travel the world and capture the beauty in all.

TPM Image Awards 2022_Bronze with Distinction - Black
TPM Image Awards 2022_Bronze - Black
TPM Image Awards 2023_Bronze - Black_edi
TPM Image Awards 2023_Bronze with Distinction - Black
Milton Franklyn Goedhoop Photographer

Plus-size Photographer

Plus Model Jami
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